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2017.10.15 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: Spread the Word by
2017.10.08 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: A Whole New Way to do Church by
2017.10.01 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: It's Not the Water...Or the Bread and Wine by
2017.09.24 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: Closer and Closer by
2017.09.17 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: Who's Our Daddy? by
2017.09.10 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: Applying God's Law - You & the Neighbors by
2017.09.03 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: Applying God's Law - You & God by
2017.08.27 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: What's a Lutheran? by
2017.08.20 - 10 Week Confirmation Refresher: How 1 Priest with 95 Theses Change the World by
2017.08.13 - The Summer of Acts: What a Riot! by
2017.08.06 - The Summer of Acts: When in Rome by
2017.07.30 - The Summer of Acts: Whaddya Know, Iowa? by
2017.07.23 - The Summer of Acts: Flip or Flop in a Philippian Jail by
2017.07.16 - The Summer of Acts: Women Who Led the Early Church by
2017.07.09 - The Summer of Acts: Growing Pains by
2017.07.02 - The Summer of Acts: A New World View for Followers of the Way by
2017.06.25 - The Summer of Acts: The Ultimate Turnaround by
2017.06.18 - The Summer of Acts: Where Real Men Stand by
2017.06.11 - The Summer of Acts: Money Can't Buy Me Love by
2017.06.04 - The Summer of Acts: Fire Up! by
2017.05.28 - The Summer of Acts: Mission Impossible? by
2017.05.21 - You Asked For It: Open Q & A with the pastors by
2017.05.20 - You Asked For It: Open Q & A with the pastors by
2017.05.14 - You Asked For It: How Can I Pass Faith on to our Kids? by
2017.05.07 - You Asked For It: Isn't Hope Big Enough Already? by
2017.04.30 - You Asked For It: How do I Grow in My Faith? by
2017.04.16 - I AM...Victorious! by
2017.04.14 - I AM...INRI by
2017.04.09 - I AM...The Vine by
2017.04.02 - I AM...The Way, The Truth, and The Life by
2017.03.19 - I AM...The Gate and the Good Shepherd by

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